jupiterbyjay presents

Jupiter 8-ER for Kontakt


We are proud to present this Sample Pack for
the Roland Jupiter 8 fans around the world.

Jupiter 8-ER is a new pleasantly different
sounding Jupiter 8 sample library for KONTAKT.
We are constantly improving, so be ready
for the next release.Jupiterbyjay sampled this
most popular 80s synthesizer with the
highest precision. This is not a simple recording
of the Jupiter 8 with a common audio interface
as you find everywhere.

We are using overpriced analog gear only plus
our priceless ears to capture the magical sound
this Synthesizer. Our, nearly 20 years,
of experience with vintage 
synthesizers makes it
possible to bring you this authentic sound closer.

It is prepared for you to feel this Inspiration.


Improved performance, New GUI Layout,
Improved Round Robin Engine & Modulation, Added 19 Instruments

Sound Demo
all Synths „8-ER“


Imagine being able to play the famous Roland Jupiter 8 Sounds in your DAW (uncompressed)

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Presets/Sounds used:
38 Synth Brass, 36 Hi Brass, 31 Lo Strings, 16 Sync Lead, 26 Xylo

Download Hi Res WAV File HERE

What’s Included

3D Sound
Experience. Inimitable

3.2GB for NI Kontakt


+ 3GB+ / Unzipped
+ 1707 High Grade Samples
+ Uncompressed Pure 3D Sound

+ 51 Kontakt Instruments
+ 24Bit / 44kHz
+ 2020 Mastering Grade ADC
+ Stereo WAV Files
+ Timeless Brass and String sounds
+ Deep Bass and Subbass
+ ERS Technology (Random Round Robin)
+ Basic waveforms of the Synth
+ HQ Studio Analog Processing

AMS Neve, Thermionic Culture,
BAE, Eventide, Lexicon, Roland Vintage FX
Burl Audio, Dangerous Music, Tascam,
Empirical Labs, Urei, ADR, Revox,
EMU, Akai, Sommer Cable, Vovox, Aqvox
2 x Jupiter 8 / 12Bit / 14Bit


Built For Your Favorite Tools

Copyright © 2020 by Jupiterbyjay Audio Watermark

NI Kontakt Sampler