JAYP8 sample instrument

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See the Filter in Action | 3 : 03sec 

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All sample variations are triggered randomly.
No variation is directly repeated! Same as the
real synth. Enjoy!

Free Halion Sonic SE Player needed

What Makes it Special 🏆

Worlds First JayP8?

We deliver the first JayP8 Sample Instrument for Steinbergs Halion Sonic SE. Halion has its outstanding soundquality as you are
familar with this company.

One of a kind

We build this Instrument exactly how we like and didn’t follow any standards. The sounds are done specialy for the Halion engine so the standalone WAV files don’t work exactly the same in another software .

Unique processing

Our Special sampling technic is matchless. The equipment we used, is not the only reason for its different character!

20 Years Experience

Our experience with vintage synths let us know the creamy sound of legends! #RAminimoog


Premade Presets

Jump-start your sound design process by using one of the 73 pre-made presets. More presets will be available.

Customize Everything

Every preset is fully customizable.
Adjust Filter Env, Amp Env, FX, EQ
and Compressors even apply swing
to the Arpeggiator.

ERS – Technology

ERS: This means that all sample
variations are triggered randomly.
No variation is directly repeated!
Advanced „Round Robin“.

Create & Share

Save your presets to your library
for later use. Share your presets or
sell them online. We will deliver
special presets soon!

! Listen 🎧

Sound demos showcasing the built-in preset sounds
the potential of the JayP8 sample instrument.

 The Real Jupiter 8 in Action! 🎹

This Video (Doctor Mix) is an fantastic presentation of the real Roland Jupiter 8 synth.

This video is used solely for demonstration of the JP8 Synthesizer sound! Thank you, Claudio!

We Make it Easy to Share Presets On Every DAW

Halion Sonic SE as Vst and AU version
can handel any DAW that support this standards.
Top Notch Soundquality of the new
Halion Engine in every DAW.


High Grade Studio Gear, which also make the difference
„You don’t need to invest 30K to get the famous 3D studio sound“ #jupiterbyjay


AMS Neve, Thermionic Culture,
BAE, Eventide, Lexicon, Roland Vintage FX
Burl Audio, Dangerous Music, Tascam,
Empirical Labs, Urei, ADR, Revox,
EMU, Akai, Sommer Cable, Vovox, Aqvox
2 x Jupiter 8 / 12Bit / 14Bit

Fully Restored,
Roland Jupiter 8

We are pleased to be able to offer you the sound of
one of the best analog polysynths ever produced – the Roland Jupiter 8. The extensive ground-up restoration / cosmetic and electronic, was done by our Pro-Technician.
He has invested a lot of time to bring this machine to the factory condition. Such a restoration is expensive as the sounds which come out of the JayP8 Instrument!

Sky’s the Limit 🔊

JayP8 instrument V1.0

  • 5GB finest JayP8 Sounds
  • Unique Filter
  • Filter & Pitch LFO
  • Multi Stereo Delay
  • Phaser, Flanger, Delay
  • Drive and Distortion
  • JP8 Noise
  • Spring & Hall Reverb
  • Arpeggiator incl. Swing
  • Compressor
  • Limiter
  • Tube Comp
  • Studio EQ
  • 6 FX Toys
  • 73 Pre-made presets
  • ERS – Technology
  • 24Bit / 44kHz Stereo 

  • Extraordinary Sound

    Mostly we have sampled each note from C1-C5 / C6
    (ERS – Technology: Sample v
    ariations are triggered
    randomly. No variation is directly repeated!
    Advanced „Round Robin“

Create your own sound, your unique signature!

Everything that was done simply has little value and does not fill you with pride. To do something special you have to make an effort, as it says in the history books. This instrument will ease your way to your originality. It combines quality, fun and quick results. Thats the point where true love starts. Then it just gets better and better… 

We did it with love and that is the only way how you
get through the effort.