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Our latest Sample Pack is about the pure Roland Jupiter 8 Sound.
Made for artists. Flawless integration in your productions,
allows you to work efficiently while being creative. 

In this rare case, it is not the quantity that dominates, but the quality that makes it special! Carefully chosen sounds allow the artist to remain
an artist.

The sounds, expertly programmed by our pro Sound Engineer & Producer based in Germany, cover nearly all the famous Jupiter 8 sounds in tune with cutting-edge production standards.  This sample collection includes 1250+ Banks and Patches. The biggest collection of this beautiful machine you can download right now. 


24bit / 44,1kHz Wav
Extensively recorded 
with state-of-the-art converter

The Collection

20.000+ Samples
1250+ Banks & Patches

Cubase Instruemnt


Roland Jupiter 8


Apple Logic Pro X
Ableton Sampler 9/10
NI Kontakt

A Library Built For Your Favorite DAW

Seamless Integration With Tools You Know & Love


the Millennium
BASS Collection

Samples that play homage to its heritage but each instrument has been given a modern production finish. The collection features an inspiring wide range! Lovingly programmed then sampled with our top Notch Converters and integrated in the most known Software. Ready to use.

Don’t miss this gigantic JP8 bass collection!“ – Jay


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versions and save 25%!
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are available. 

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 Each of our Sample Packs is produced, performed and recorded by highly experienced Sound Engineer. He takes a step back and let the sound speak for him self. 


Space Synths

Space Synths includes 225  expressive and versatile JP8 synthesizer patches.
Explore Synths 1 + 2 (ca. 2,3GB Zip)
€12,45 – €24,99 

Space Synths

Millenium Bass

We are very proud of this huge pack.
This one is really special. It contains
597 striking basses. (ca. 2,2GB Zip)

Millennium Bass

Moon Organs

The pure charm of a classic. The timeless classic organs of the Jupiter 8. 69 JP8 Patches (ca. 600MB Zip)

Moon Organs

Epic Pads

The JP8’s Strings & Pad sounds. With some patience and effort we recorded a wide palette of detailed, evolving sounds.
210 JP8 Patches (ca. 4,5GB Zip)

Epic Pads 1

Epic Pads 2

The JP8’s Strings & Pad sounds. With some patience and effort we recorded a wide palette of detailed, evolving sounds.
107 JP8 Patches (ca. 2,1
GB Zip)

Epic Pads 2

Voyager K&L

Explore the Keys, synth Pianos and singing Leads that will have your productions bursting with energy.
58 JP8 Patches (ca.500MB Zip)
€7,95 – €11,99

Voyager K&L


Drums and FX. For sure you can get 1000s out of this superstar synth. More are on the way! Here  are some, So get ready!
27 JP8 Patches (ca. 480MB Zip)


Why People Already Love
this packs

  • Efficiency at its finest
  • Our Best Value
  • Over 1250+ Banks & Patches

  • Unlimited Inspiration
  • No Lmitations
  • Authentic JP8 Sound!

Let yourself be inspired by the sound of this machine which has contributed countless hits. Unlock your potential and dive in
the magic attraction of it. These sample packs are usable in
any musical genre imaginable. Pure, original sound
nothing emulated.


Create your own sound, your unique signature!

– Everything You Are –